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Back, somewhat.
Using this for my writing, which comes very slowly.

Sheepston for my visual art, which features lovely gems like this:
A Freezer by Sheepston Stock Doing That by Sheepston


Demrefor Part 1 Draft 1 (7-7-15)
*opens the door to my eternally shrieking soul*

Hot diggity damn this is just part one's first draft I've got soooo much more work to do

Edit 26/7/15: Yo this has been updated again but uploading it to DA is a pain in the butt atm so view here for lots of little tweaks:…
Scene 2: Birth
>>It is late evening in the Heck’ne wasteland. The sun has only just gone down.
>>The sky is a gross brown-orange, with only one or two vague stars. The moons are half hidden behind clouds.
>>Neg’an can’t sleep. Every time she gets comfortable she feels a ripping pain in her gut.
>>She doesn’t know what it is, but she hopes it doesn’t effect her baby.
>>She whispers to her baby, telling it everything will be okay. She refers to the baby as “little demon” as the child is cross bred and so -by Har’py beliefs- will be born as a demon.
>>She promises her baby she’ll look after it. Dena’cosa hears her whispering and sits up from where she is sleeping, being careful not to wake any of the surrounding Har’py people.
>>Dena’cosa asks her what is wrong, and Neg’an explains the pain quietly. Dena’cosa panics and exclaims that Neg’an is giving birth.
>>She grabs her daughter and drags her away from the group of sleeping Har’py people, but they are confronted by Kay’oten.
>>Kay’oten demands they explain where they are going (“I was not alerted of any nighttime hunting parties, or that anyone had permission to aimlessly trek the wasteland.”)
>>Dena’cosa says that Neg’an is giving birth, and that it’s not clever to wake the other Har’pies with her giving birth (“Angel knows they’ll kill it when it cries!”) and that they would be back when she was done.
>>Kay’oten sniffs with distaste and glares at Neg’an. She takes a second to think, and only agrees when Neg’an yelps in pain from a contraction (“Fine. I’ll escort you. But you’re back here as soon as the baby is quiet.”)
>>Dena’cosa’s chest tightens and she prays the baby is purebred. (“Oh please, please belong to Lah’kort…)
>>Kay’oten leads them to a filthy river about ten minutes walking away, refusing to let them stop whenever Neg’an has a contraction and forcing them forward.
>>Kay’oten watches as Neg’an goes into labour, Dena’cosa comforting her and telling her she’s doing well. Deliberately blocking Kay’oten’s view.
>>It’s well past midnight when the child is finally born; half Dassen.
>>Dena’cosa presses it into Neg’an’s arms and sees Neg’an’s look of love as she takes the child. Dena’cosa swallows the lump in her throat and prepares herself for Kay’oten’s anger.
>>Dena’cosa glances back at Kay’oten, only to find her back turned as she examines the footprints they’d left behind.
>>In a split second decision, Dena’cosa grabs the biggest rock within arms length and smashes Kay’oten over the head as she began to turn back around.
>>Neg’an gasps, and Dena’cosa tells her to stay quiet.
>>She grabs her daughter’s arm and they sprint away, leaving behind bloody footprints in the dirt.
Demrefor Part 1 Scene 2 [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

<<Scene 1 || Scene 3 >> [Soon]

10,053 A.E
Scene 1: Preparation

>>Ka’harja enters his home carrying firewood and Distro calls out to him, asking if it’s him or not. Ka’harja tells her it is him as he dumps the firewood in its pile.
>>Distro asks how many guards have been assigned to the caravan “this time” and ends up almost falling off her chair. Her chair is leaning back dangerously and her feet are resting on the table; her free hand is on the wall behind her and there are empty liquor bottles covering the floor.
>>Distro complains that she has a headache and her ears are ringing. Ka’harja sets her chair right and clears some empty bottles off the table. He tells Distro quietly that it’s the usual number of guards. 17.
>>Distro mumbles inaudible swears and Ka’harja tells her to put her drink down. Distro snaps at him (“I’m not drunk!”) and takes another drink (“Besides, I lost the lid and it’ll go to waste otherwise.”). Ka’harja frowns and takes the bottle from her forcefully, and sculls the rest himself (“There, it didn’t go to waste.”) and hands the bottle back.
>>Distro angrily throws the bottle across the room and smashes a window. She panics and bursts into tears. (“What did I break? Was it mine or yours?”) Ka’harja reassures her (“It wasn’t mine. It was just a window.”)
>>Distro cries so hard she throws up. Ka’harja is quick to grab a bowl and stick it under her. He wipes her mouth for her with a cloth scrap from the messy table.
>>Ka’harja pulls a crumpled map out of his pocket. He clears the table and spreads the map out, then traces his finger along an inky line.
>>He explains the caravan is travelling its usual route, although slightly more to the South than usual. He thinks they’ll be stopping in the same place as always.
>>Distro groans, and says she’s not up for it tonight (“maybe in the morning…”). Ka’harja throws the map in the fire and declares he can manage on his own.
>>He mentions it’d be better robbing the place drunk while under the cover of darkness, rather than hungover in the light.
>>He sits with Distro, who keeps shaking her head and burp-vomiting into the overflowing bowl.
>>Ka’harja asks if she’s gotten the invisibility potion ready. She puts the bowl down and stumbles into the darkest corner of the room where the alchemy table is.
>>There are a lot of rancid herbs and mould spots because she never cleans. It reeks.
>>She looks through colour-coded bottles and then bends over double on the table, sobbing “no” with a broken voice.
>>Ka’harja snaps at her angrily (“For the love of The Goddess you had //one// thing to do!”) and immediately regrets it.
>>Distro says that maybe they should skip this time. Ka’harja offers to make the potion himself.
>>Distro looks to a tapestry of the Eight Star (sequins are sewn into the Alchemy symbol but nowhere else) and sighs. She reminds him how terrible he is with alchemy. He tells her he’s better than he used to be (“really, I am.”) and tells her she should sleep.
>>He leads her to the bed and tucks her in, even though she protests. Ka’harja kisses her on the forehead and asks her to trust him.
>>He stay with Distro until she falls asleep, then returns to the alchemy table.
>>He grinds a blueish coloured grass in a cracked mortar and pestle.
>>The scene ends as Distro starts sleep talking, in a nightmare, and Ka’harja reassures her from across the room.
Demrefor Part 1 Scene 1 [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

<<Prologue || Scene 2 >> [Soon]


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