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Back, somewhat.
Using this for my writing, which comes very slowly.

Sheepston for my visual art, which features lovely gems like this:
A Freezer by Sheepston Stock Doing That by Sheepston


Scene 2: Birth
>>It is late evening in the Heck’ne wasteland. The sun has only just gone down.
>>The sky is a gross brown-orange, with only one or two vague stars. The moons are half hidden behind clouds.
>>Neg’an can’t sleep. Every time she gets comfortable she feels a ripping pain in her gut.
>>She doesn’t know what it is, but she hopes it doesn’t effect her baby.
>>She whispers to her baby, telling it everything will be okay. She refers to the baby as “little demon” as the child is cross bred and so -by Har’py beliefs- will be born as a demon.
>>She promises her baby she’ll look after it. Dena’cosa hears her whispering and sits up from where she is sleeping, being careful not to wake any of the surrounding Har’py people.
>>Dena’cosa asks her what is wrong, and Neg’an explains the pain quietly. Dena’cosa panics and exclaims that Neg’an is giving birth.
>>She grabs her daughter and drags her away from the group of sleeping Har’py people, but they are confronted by Kay’oten.
>>Kay’oten demands they explain where they are going (“I was not alerted of any nighttime hunting parties, or that anyone had permission to aimlessly trek the wasteland.”)
>>Dena’cosa says that Neg’an is giving birth, and that it’s not clever to wake the other Har’pies with her giving birth (“Angel knows they’ll kill it when it cries!”) and that they would be back when she was done.
>>Kay’oten sniffs with distaste and glares at Neg’an. She takes a second to think, and only agrees when Neg’an yelps in pain from a contraction (“Fine. I’ll escort you. But you’re back here as soon as the baby is quiet.”)
>>Dena’cosa’s chest tightens and she prays the baby is purebred. (“Oh please, please belong to Lah’kort…)
>>Kay’oten leads them to a filthy river about ten minutes walking away, refusing to let them stop whenever Neg’an has a contraction and forcing them forward.
>>Kay’oten watches as Neg’an goes into labour, Dena’cosa comforting her and telling her she’s doing well. Deliberately blocking Kay’oten’s view.
>>It’s well past midnight when the child is finally born; half Dassen.
>>Dena’cosa presses it into Neg’an’s arms and sees Neg’an’s look of love as she takes the child. Dena’cosa swallows the lump in her throat and prepares herself for Kay’oten’s anger.
>>Dena’cosa glances back at Kay’oten, only to find her back turned as she examines the footprints they’d left behind.
>>In a split second decision, Dena’cosa grabs the biggest rock within arms length and smashes Kay’oten over the head as she began to turn back around.
>>Neg’an gasps, and Dena’cosa tells her to stay quiet.
>>She grabs her daughter’s arm and they sprint away, leaving behind bloody footprints in the dirt.
Demrefor Part 1 Scene 2 [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

<<Scene 1 || Scene 3 >> [Soon]

10,053 A.E
Scene 1: Preparation

>>Ka’harja enters his home carrying firewood and Distro calls out to him, asking if it’s him or not. Ka’harja tells her it is him as he dumps the firewood in its pile.
>>Distro asks how many guards have been assigned to the caravan “this time” and ends up almost falling off her chair. Her chair is leaning back dangerously and her feet are resting on the table; her free hand is on the wall behind her and there are empty liquor bottles covering the floor.
>>Distro complains that she has a headache and her ears are ringing. Ka’harja sets her chair right and clears some empty bottles off the table. He tells Distro quietly that it’s the usual number of guards. 17.
>>Distro mumbles inaudible swears and Ka’harja tells her to put her drink down. Distro snaps at him (“I’m not drunk!”) and takes another drink (“Besides, I lost the lid and it’ll go to waste otherwise.”). Ka’harja frowns and takes the bottle from her forcefully, and sculls the rest himself (“There, it didn’t go to waste.”) and hands the bottle back.
>>Distro angrily throws the bottle across the room and smashes a window. She panics and bursts into tears. (“What did I break? Was it mine or yours?”) Ka’harja reassures her (“It wasn’t mine. It was just a window.”)
>>Distro cries so hard she throws up. Ka’harja is quick to grab a bowl and stick it under her. He wipes her mouth for her with a cloth scrap from the messy table.
>>Ka’harja pulls a crumpled map out of his pocket. He clears the table and spreads the map out, then traces his finger along an inky line.
>>He explains the caravan is travelling its usual route, although slightly more to the South than usual. He thinks they’ll be stopping in the same place as always.
>>Distro groans, and says she’s not up for it tonight (“maybe in the morning…”). Ka’harja throws the map in the fire and declares he can manage on his own.
>>He mentions it’d be better robbing the place drunk while under the cover of darkness, rather than hungover in the light.
>>He sits with Distro, who keeps shaking her head and burp-vomiting into the overflowing bowl.
>>Ka’harja asks if she’s gotten the invisibility potion ready. She puts the bowl down and stumbles into the darkest corner of the room where the alchemy table is.
>>There are a lot of rancid herbs and mould spots because she never cleans. It reeks.
>>She looks through colour-coded bottles and then bends over double on the table, sobbing “no” with a broken voice.
>>Ka’harja snaps at her angrily (“For the love of The Goddess you had //one// thing to do!”) and immediately regrets it.
>>Distro says that maybe they should skip this time. Ka’harja offers to make the potion himself.
>>Distro looks to a tapestry of the Eight Star (sequins are sewn into the Alchemy symbol but nowhere else) and sighs. She reminds him how terrible he is with alchemy. He tells her he’s better than he used to be (“really, I am.”) and tells her she should sleep.
>>He leads her to the bed and tucks her in, even though she protests. Ka’harja kisses her on the forehead and asks her to trust him.
>>He stay with Distro until she falls asleep, then returns to the alchemy table.
>>He grinds a blueish coloured grass in a cracked mortar and pestle.
>>The scene ends as Distro starts sleep talking, in a nightmare, and Ka’harja reassures her from across the room.
Demrefor Part 1 Scene 1 [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

<<Prologue || Scene 2 >> [Soon]

10,038 A.E
Scene 0: Prologue

>>Cold day with rain. No storm. Lots of mud.
>>The sky and clouds are a dirty brown.
>>Pair of Har’py warriors (Kay’oten & Pert’ana) drag their son (Ka’harja, 3 eclipses) towards a Ga’oa hole. Ka’harja is begging for them to spare his life, but because of his lisp he is muttering in gibberish.
>>His mother strikes him, telling him to shut up and “not speak that devil tongue!”
>>Ka’harja feels his mother’s grip loosen and is confused. He looks up and sees that she has slipped in the mud. She is at the edge of the Ga’oa.
>>Pert’ana is distracted and releases Ka’harja to stop Kay’oten falling. Ka’harja attempts to escape but stumbles in the mud.
>>He is only able to get to his feet before Kay’oten grips his arm. Desperately trying to defend himself, Ka’harja kicks his mother in the knees and she looses her balance again.
>>Ka’harja uses all his strength to body slam her, and she stumbles into Pert’ana. The force causes Pert’ana to lose his footing. He falls into the Ga’oa.
>>Pert’ana’s screams are cut off by dull thudding noises which fade slowly. Ka’harja and Kay’oten stare in silence into the dark hole.
>>Kay’oten suddenly lets out a shriek and drops to her knees. She screams Pert’ana’s name over and over and over. Ka’harja sprints away as fast as he can.
>>He closes his eyes and covers his ears and ends up running into Neg’an.
>>She stares at him with her large blue eyes “piercing through his soul.” Ka’harja feels paralysed by them.
>>”He recognised her as one of the other children from his tribe, but he’d never been this close to her before. She was… Terrifyingly gentle for a Har’py.”
>>Neg’an raises a finger to her mouth to remind Ka’harja to be quiet as he is mumbling and whimpering under his breath. She stands up and offers her hand to him. Ka’harja is too stunned to respond.
>>Neg’an sighs, her breath rasping strangely. She struggles to inhale and gives a few coughs. The coughs make Ka’harja jump slightly and he struggles to his feet. He reaches out to her and gently touches her cheek. She smiles, and whispers gently, in hoarse voice: “You’ll be okay.”
>>They stare into each other’s eyes, feeling a connection (what kind, he wasn’t sure). Her words echo in Ka’harja’s ears, and he suddenly feels stronger.
>>The moment is cut short by a woman (Dena’cosa) calling: “Neg’an! Neg’an come home! It’s too cold! Your throat will swell! Neg’an!”
>>Neg’an looks away from Ka’harja, towards her mother’s voice, and stumbles away vaguely.
>>Ka’harja watches her go, in awe of her beautiful eyes. He stands for a few moments, forgetting his fears, before he hears his mother’s voice nearby: “KA’HARJA! WHERE ARE YOU? I’LL KILL YOU!”
>>He absconds, Neg’an’s voice still in the back of his mind giving him strength.
>>He makes it to the edge of the Heck’ne, and without realising he stumbles onto grass. He almost screams, but resists.
>>He stumbles on, terrified before he sees a small light in the distance. He absently moves towards it, not caring if it brings pain or death.
>>The light gets brighter and brighter until he’s standing outside a farmhouse. He doesn’t know what a house is, however, and stares in the window.
>>He reaches a hand up and touches the glass. The glass scares him and he jumps backwards and slips.
>>He is surprised when he doesn’t hit the ground, and looks up to see Distro has caught him.
>>”Don’t take me back!” He exclaims without thinking. “Please! They will kill me! They will kill me!”
>”Shhh…” Distro says calmly, cupping Ka’harja’s cheeks in her hands and kissing his forehead. “It’s going to be alright. I won’t let them get you.”
Demrefor Prologue [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

Part 1>>

Scene Summaries by AdelieQueen
Scene Summaries
The summaries I’m using for my book’s scenes will never not be funny to me.
Scene 2
>>Dylan is waking up the next day.
>>He sniffs, yawns, and rolls over.
>>He opens his eyes a little to check his clock.
>>Dylan panics and launches himself out of bed.
>>He curses to himself as he puts his pants on backwards. He curses again as he falls over trying to turn them around.
>>He doesn’t even get his shirt on before he’s in the car. He roughly drops his laptop on the passenger seat and drives off.
>>Dylan gets to the traffic lights at the turn off to Mountain Road before he remembers he’s not wearing his seatbelt. He doesn’t bother putting it on.
>>He checks the clock as he waits to turn.
>>It’s 1PM. He’s an hour late and he knows the drive is another 30 minutes.
>>He knowingly goes over the speed limit up Mountain Road.
>>He has to stop his car at the fence Tess had built.
>>It’s 1:30PM.
>>It’s a tall chainlink fence with a padlock on the gate.
>>Dylan is annoyed, but climbs the fence.
>>After he’s over the fence he realises he left all his things in the car.
>>He doesn’t bother getting them, and makes his way down the dirt road to Mountain House.
>>Dylan finds the house and runs up to the door. He checks his watch. It’s 2:53PM.
>>He sits down on the front step and resists the urge to cry.
>>He looks back up to the house.
>>It was falling apart. The all but a few windows were boarded up and there were more roof tiles on the ground around the house than on the house itself.
>>Dylan stands up and tries to ring the old-style doorbell.
>>The rope it’s hanging on pretty much disintegrates when it moves and it falls to the ground with a heavy clunk.
>>Dylan decides to knock instead.
>>There’s no answer.
>>He calls out, but Tess obviously isn’t home.
>>Dylan is frustrated and kicks over a flower pot.
>>There is a key underneath.
>>He tries it. It doesn’t work.
>>In fact, the key snaps in half and jams the lock.
>>Dylan panics.
>>As he’s trying to pull out the key chunk, he leans on the door.
>>There is a metallic crunching sound and it falls off it’s hinges.
>>He stands in shock for a moment before rushing into the house and pushing the door up into place.
>>He knows it’ll fall over when Tess gets home, but he hopes that she thinks she did it.
>>Dylan decides to look around the house.
>>The immediate inside is just as bad as the outside.
>>He is in a hall filled with unpacked boxes.
>>He makes his way down the hall, looking in each room as he passes. The rooms are pretty much untouched, besides the few at the rear of the house.
>>He pokes his head in one room, a lounge, and sees it’s been set up for gaming.
>>There are boxes and boxes of games, and a large TV set-up.
>>He mumbles to himself, wondering how it turns on.
>>The TV and gaming console respond to the words “turn on” and turn themselves on.
>>Dylan literally screams.
>>The message “INCOMING VIDEO CALL” appears.
>>Dylan panics and says “Don’t answer!”
>>The console only hears him say “answer” not “don’t” and answers the call.
>>Dylan is screaming.
>>A little kid appears on screen.
>>Dylan is still screaming.
>>The child is confused.
>>“Dude! Dude chill! What the heck dude?”
>>There is a loud crashing noise from the hall and Tess is heard shouting.
>>Dylan goes silent and jumps around as Tess runs in.
>>Her expression goes from concerned to annoyed.
>>“Dylan.” “Tess- I- It did that itself!” [Tess waves to the boy on screen] “It’s okay Brent, it’s just one of my idiot neighbours.”
>>Brent nods.
>>“The one you were telling me about yesterday? The annoying one who was going over?” “Yep. That one.” [She turns to Dylan] “He’s three hours late, which makes him even more annoying.”
>>Dylan apologises, and Tess smacks him over the back of the head and scolds him.
>>Dylan hears a loud, deep bark and Tess freezes, looking guilty and concerned.
>>She tells him to wait there while she ‘deals with something.’
>>As she leaves Brent laughs at him. (“Mum’s smacks hurt like hell, am I right?” “You are most certainly right.”)
>>They talk a bit second. Dylan asks Brent how he’s doing at school, and a bunch of other awkward “for kid” questions.
>>Brent answers like a typical 13 year old would.
>>It is here that Dylan learns Brent is in foster care, as his dad died in an accident and his mum works for the government.
>>Tess comes back after a few minutes and they start talking.
>>Dylan says he had a few interview questions ready, but he left his laptop in the car.
>>Tess is happy about this. (“Good. Now you can stop bugging me.”)
>>Dylan seems offended. (“So what, I came all this way for nothing?”)
>>“Hey, mum wasn’t the one who was three hours late!”
>>Tess tells Brent to be respectful, to which Brent moans.
>>“But you say things like that all the time!” “But I’m old. Old people are allowed to be angry.”
>>Dylan says he’ll be leaving. He doesn’t want to be involved in a family fight and he feels awkward.
>>Tess stops him and invites him to game. (“Look, you’re already here, and we need an extra player for the dungeon. You wanna know about me? This is me.”)
>>They turn the video chat into a voice chat and play a multiplayer game.
>>Dylan is terrible at it, but has fun.
>>Tess asks Dylan if he’ll go into the kitchen and grab some snacks.
>>Dylan does, as Tess keeps playing.
>>As he’s in the kitchen, he hears a quiet voice call his name. He jumps and looks around wildly.
>>He see’s Tess’ electronic armband on the table. The screen has lit up and it is vibrating slightly.
>>Dylan goes to examine it. As he does a gruff man’s voice comes through it. (“Dilyn! Dilyn!”)
>>Tess is screaming about getting a headshot with Brent, so Dylan answers it for her.
>>Dylan presses the button on the screen and speaks into it.
>>“Hello, this is Dylan.” “Dyl… What? Who is this?!” “Uhh… Dylan. Dylan Chance.” [Voice is angry] “Where’s Tess? Get her now!”
>>Dylan calls to Tess, but she doesn’t hear him over the game.
>>He picks up the armband and walks into the lounge as the angry man goes on and on at the other end.
>>Tess finally hears the man’s voice and jumps up, snatching the armband from Dylan and hurriedly announcing herself.
>>“This is Agent Dilyn!” “Dilyn! What are you doing? The breach is open!” “What?! Why didn’t you contact me sooner?” “I have been-”
>>Dylan doesn’t hear the rest as Tess runs off, through the hall and out the front door as fast as lightning.
>>Brent is asking what’s going on through the mic. Dylan tells him she got a call (“or something”) from work.
>>Brent groans. (“Aw man, last call she didn’t get back online for a whole week!”) His breath is short, and he’s visibly upset, although he’s trying not to show it.
>>Dylan reassures him, and offers to continue the game until either his mum gets back or he has to go to bed. (“Sure. Whatever, but there’s a four hour time zone difference so I don’t have to go for ages.”)
>>Dylan and Brent continue gaming.
>>After a while they hear a loud roaring noise.
>>Brent asks what it was. (“What the hell was that?!”)
>>Dylan doesn’t know. He stands up to look but it’s too dark outside to see anything.
>>As he is standing he feels the ground start to tremble.
>>It’s like a beat.
>>In the kitchen there is a loud bang and the sound of breaking glass.
>>Dylan rushes in.
>>The window is shattered and there is a large pumpkin sitting in the middle of the room.
>>Dylan is extremely confused. He slowly moves towards the pumpkin.
>>The ground is still trembling.
>>He nudges the pumpkin with his foot, and it suddenly springs up at him.
>>A jagged and smiling jack-o-lantern face is at level with his, shouting in a high-pitch, annoying voice. Like a child voiced by a really bad adult actor in a cartoon.
>>“Hey loser!”
>>Dylan screams, and slips over backwards.
>>He hears Brent call out to him from the other room. (“Dylan?!”)
>>The pumpkin lands on him.
>>“What you doing on the floor?”
>>Before Dylan can answer there is a loud roar.
>>Dylan realises how close the thumping noise is. It’s so close the remaining windows are vibrating and things are falling off shelves.
>>“Wa-oh! Welp-” [4 of the pumpkin’s 5 vines splat onto the floor like legs and it starts to stumble towards to lounge] “I’m out!”
>>Dylan is watching it leave, too shocked to move.
>>Suddenly the path in front of the pumpkin is blocked off by a black stream of energy.
>>The stream stops and Dylan sees a massive hole in the wall.
>>Out of the hole, somewhat in the distance and illuminated against the full moon, is a massive bear with a feathered crest and mane.
>>The pumpkin turns around and starts running, visibly stressed. (“Nope! Nope! Nope nope nope!”)
>>It runs directly over the top of Dylan.
>>The other side of the kitchen gets blasted as Dylan scrambles to his feet.
>>The pumpkin is freaking out. It hides behind Dylan.
>>Dylan looks from the pumpkin behind him, to the bear outside.
>>The bear starts to take a deep breath inwards. As it does, a large black ball of energy begins to swirl and form in its mouth.
>>Dylan stares at it, wide-eyed. His mouth is open but he can’t scream he’s that scared.
>>The bear shoots its energy blast/beam, but its cut off by a ball of very similar energy.
>>The ball crashes into the bear’s stream and there’s an explosion.
>>As the dust goes flying a very loud howl is heard.
>>Pumpkind freaks out even more (“Oooooh no! Can’t deal with a Giga-Wolf today. Nuh-uh! Mmm-mmm. Not doing it!”) and starts to hobble away.
>>As it starts hobbling, a huge three-eyed cat monster jumps in it’s way.
>>Pumpkin panics (“Oh! Oh no! Not a Felin! Ain’t doing that either!”)
>>The Felin hisses angrily and jumps over the Pumpkind.
>>The Felin goes for the bear. It jumps over Dylan, who is slammed into the ground.
>>The Pumpkind nudges Dylan. (“You look about as done as I feel. Come on. Let’s get moving!”
>>Dylan clambers to his feet and follows Pumpkind as it sprints out the front door.
>>As Dylan exits, he sees Tess running towards the house. She’s grabbing at her armband.
>>She pulls something out of it as she approaches. Dylan can’t see what.
>>She blocks off the Pumpkind and throws what she’s holding at it.
>>The Pumpkind lets its leg-vines go limp and drops to the ground, dodging the object.
>>Dylan manages to see it’s a metal ring before it hits him in the face.
>>It sparks brightly and he shouts in pain, as he just got an electric shock to the face.
>>Tess snaps at Dylan. “Dylan! Get out of the way!”
>>The Pumpkind responds: “Why don’t you get out of //my// way you tallish freakoid!”
>>Tess stares at it for a second. “You… You talk already?!”
>>“Listen up, legs! There is a Bearus after me! I don’t have any time for this wishy-washy bond-before-talk spiritual nonsense!”
>>The Pumpkind tries to run around her but she blocks him off.
>>“What do you mean there’s a Bearus //after you//??” “I MEAN IT’S TRYING TO KILL ME!!!”
>>As he shouts that the Bearus comes charging through the house, leaving large holes through all the walls.
>>Pumpkind and Dylan both shriek.
>>Tess looks up, her eyes wide and looking absolutely terrified.
>>Dylan and the Pumpkind start to run.
>>Tess is frozen in place in fear.
>>Dylan turns and sees she’s not running. Against his better nature he runs back to her and grabs her arm.
>>He yells at her to move and starts to drag her away. She’s not very responsive, and stumbles as he pulls her.
>>They both end up on the ground.
>>Tess is trembling, sweating, and tears are rolling down her cheeks.
>>The Bearus turns to them and takes a step forward.
>>A small green ball of energy hits it in the face.
>>Dylan looks at the source and sees Pumpkind twirling his flower-vine, already generating another ball of energy to fling.
>>The Bearus roars and starts to generate its own attack.
>>As it starts to inhale, the Giga-Wolf jumps onto it and they start to wrestle.
>>Felin tries to get involved but is hit with the green energy ball from Pumpkind.
>>Pumpkind wobbles over to Dylan and slaps Tess with one of its leaf-feet. (“Listen up legs you gotta capture this thing!”)
>>Tess finally responds.
>>“H-how do you know what to-” “I’ve seen you do it before! //You//! The first time one of these guys attacked! You gotta do that thing with the ring, legs! You gotta do it again!”
>>Tess seems to snap back into action. She’s on her feet in a fighting stance and pressing buttons on her armband.
>>A ring pops out of her band and she grabs it.
>>The Giga-Wolf jumps off the Bearus and rolls aside. Tess flings the ring like a discus as hard as she can at the Bearus.
>>The ring expands in mid-air and hits the Bearus in the shoulder.
>>As it makes contact it sparks and the Bearus screeches.
>>The ring splits open where it touched, and it starts wrapping around the Bearus tightly, binding the creature.
>>The Bearus starts to breath another attack but the ring wraps around its mouth, forcing it’s jaws shut.
>>The Bearus struggles but can’t escape, having been weakened by the fight.
>>It starts to darken into a black colour, and eventually turns into energy similar to what it had been shooting out.
>>The ring tightens around it until it’s become a tiny tube, about as thick as a standard pencil and half the length.
>>Tess goes to pick up the cylinder.
>>As she does, Pumpkind starts to put it’s legs down. (“Alright. You’re done, so I’m gonna be heading off now! Ta-tah! Buh-bye!”)
>>Pumpkind turns around, but comes face-to-face with Felin.
>>Felin hisses at it, and he responds nervously.
>>“Oh, no! Not me! Haha! No I’m not a threat! Look at me! [He drops his legs and lays on the ground] I’m small. I just got long legs s’all!”
>>Dylan is doesn’t know what to do. He’s shocked and his mouth is gaping open.
>>The Giga-Wolf stands on the other side of it as Tess walks up.
>>Tess’ face is tear stained and she is still trembling slightly.
>>“You’re still letting us understand you?” “Legs, you saved my life. I think I owe it to you to let you understand me for the rest of it.” [Tess winces] “Somehow I think I’d rather the opposite.”
>>Giga-Wolf growls, and Tess turns to it. (“Hmm? Oh, good point Silver.”) She hits a button on her armband and another ring pops out.
>>“Whoa, legs! What are you doing?!” “You said you saw me with the last Bearus that came through. Specifically //me//. You also said that this Bearus was trying to kill you. Specifically //you//.” “Yeah, uh. Something like that.” “Why?” “Why…? Uh… Why. Haha. Yeah. Why indeed…”
>>Felin meows to Tess and she starts sucking her tongue again. She doesn’t seem happy to be interrupted but nods and turns to Dylan. (“You’re right, Buddy. Dylan? You okay?”)
>>Dylan nods, then shakes his head, then nods again. He swallows and takes a deep breath. (“I knew I was having bad luck today but… wow.”)
>>Tess looks at him sadly. (“Yeah, well, it’s going to get a lot worse for you. I didn’t mean for you to get involved in this. Buddy?”)
>>Tess motions to the Felin [Buddy] and it wraps its long prehensile tale around Dylan’s torso.
>>Dylan doesn’t know how to respond.
>>Pumpkind suddenly speaks up: “Jeeze legs, I thought you’d be more loyal than this!”
>>Tess flashes the ring at Pumpkind, who nods and agrees that he should be quiet, while not actually shutting up. (“Mmm-hmm. Yeah. Good point. I’ll stop. I’ll be quiet. No more talking from me!”)
>>Tess turns back to Dylan and apologises. (“This is the classified government work I was doing. [Vaguely, as she fiddles with her armband:] I didn’t think the breach would open so soon…”)
>>“Breach?” “That’s… Classified.” [A compartment opens up and Tess pulls out a small needle with a small amount of liquid inside the end] “More classified than this?” [Dylan spreads his arms and motions to the entire scene] “Sorry, Dylan. I really am.” [She goes to jab Dylan, who shrieks and struggles] “Don’t kill me!” “It- It’s a sedative.” “It is?” [Tess speaks more gently than Dylan has heard her do] “Yeah. Just a sedative. I can’t risk you learning anything else until the commander gets here. For your sake.” [Dylan has tears in his eyes] “I’m scared of needles.” “Then close your eyes.”
>>Dylan closes his eyes.
>>He feels Tess pull up his sleeve and gently touch the tip to his skin.
>>A small prick and he feels himself get tired.
>>He’s almost out when he has a thought.
>>He opens his eyes and looks at Tess, smiling like an idiot.
>>“Dylan? Are you okay? Just let yourself go out, it’ll be easier.” “What are the… //Chances///… That this… Is a… //Tess//t, of my character…?” “Okay, you’re getting a second dose.”
>>Dylan laughs and everything goes quiet.
Scene 2 End
Monster Control [S-2 D-1]
[Scene-2 Draft-1]

Much longer than the previous, and a bit more confusing near the end.
Needs a lot more working out heh, but that's why it's just a first draft.
Get everything written, and THEN work on cleaning it up hahah.

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