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Back, somewhat.
Using this for my writing, which comes very slowly.

Sheepston for my visual art, which features lovely gems like this:
A Freezer by Sheepston Stock Doing That by Sheepston


Family Tree by AdelieQueen
Family Tree
Quick messy notes so I can keep everything consistent, putting Mingan's family in another pic of their own later

Starshall look at poor Dena.
Demrefor Part 1 Draft 1 (7-7-15)
*opens the door to my eternally shrieking soul*

Hot diggity damn this is just part one's first draft I've got soooo much more work to do

Edit 26/7/15: Yo this has been updated again but uploading it to DA is a pain in the butt atm so view here for lots of little tweaks:…
Scene 2: Birth
>>It is late evening in the Heck’ne wasteland. The sun has only just gone down.
>>The sky is a gross brown-orange, with only one or two vague stars. The moons are half hidden behind clouds.
>>Neg’an can’t sleep. Every time she gets comfortable she feels a ripping pain in her gut.
>>She doesn’t know what it is, but she hopes it doesn’t effect her baby.
>>She whispers to her baby, telling it everything will be okay. She refers to the baby as “little demon” as the child is cross bred and so -by Har’py beliefs- will be born as a demon.
>>She promises her baby she’ll look after it. Dena’cosa hears her whispering and sits up from where she is sleeping, being careful not to wake any of the surrounding Har’py people.
>>Dena’cosa asks her what is wrong, and Neg’an explains the pain quietly. Dena’cosa panics and exclaims that Neg’an is giving birth.
>>She grabs her daughter and drags her away from the group of sleeping Har’py people, but they are confronted by Kay’oten.
>>Kay’oten demands they explain where they are going (“I was not alerted of any nighttime hunting parties, or that anyone had permission to aimlessly trek the wasteland.”)
>>Dena’cosa says that Neg’an is giving birth, and that it’s not clever to wake the other Har’pies with her giving birth (“Angel knows they’ll kill it when it cries!”) and that they would be back when she was done.
>>Kay’oten sniffs with distaste and glares at Neg’an. She takes a second to think, and only agrees when Neg’an yelps in pain from a contraction (“Fine. I’ll escort you. But you’re back here as soon as the baby is quiet.”)
>>Dena’cosa’s chest tightens and she prays the baby is purebred. (“Oh please, please belong to Lah’kort…)
>>Kay’oten leads them to a filthy river about ten minutes walking away, refusing to let them stop whenever Neg’an has a contraction and forcing them forward.
>>Kay’oten watches as Neg’an goes into labour, Dena’cosa comforting her and telling her she’s doing well. Deliberately blocking Kay’oten’s view.
>>It’s well past midnight when the child is finally born; half Dassen.
>>Dena’cosa presses it into Neg’an’s arms and sees Neg’an’s look of love as she takes the child. Dena’cosa swallows the lump in her throat and prepares herself for Kay’oten’s anger.
>>Dena’cosa glances back at Kay’oten, only to find her back turned as she examines the footprints they’d left behind.
>>In a split second decision, Dena’cosa grabs the biggest rock within arms length and smashes Kay’oten over the head as she began to turn back around.
>>Neg’an gasps, and Dena’cosa tells her to stay quiet.
>>She grabs her daughter’s arm and they sprint away, leaving behind bloody footprints in the dirt.
Demrefor Part 1 Scene 2 [Draft 1]
First Draft of Demrefor, will be modified quite a bit.
Focusing on quantity instead of quality at this point, but I'm posting it anyway.

<<Scene 1 || Scene 3 >> [Soon]


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