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Copyright notice by AngelLale87

You can also find me at:
Back, somewhat.
Using this for sketches and junk.

Sheepston for my finished art, which features lovely gems like this:
A Freezer by Sheepston Stock Doing That by Sheepston The Spiders by Sheepston
???? by Sheepston Josh by Sheepston 

Mature Content

Setani and Chino by Sheepston


Art Meme by AdelieQueen
Art Meme
*Progresses backwards in art*
This is fine. Totally fine.
(Well actually I have a REALLY nice sketch of Geoff with a background I'm halfway through, but I mightn't finish it till next year)

Original by DustBunnyThumper
Free Base by AdelieQueen
Free Base

So I’ve been working on a base I can use to throw character designs together for my book (read a preview here),  and I thought I’d make it open for public use!

The base so far features my original species (with the preset characters being “ideal” examples of the specie in-world): Dassen, Avio, Nurlak, & Wolven.
I’m going to add more characters when I get the chance, and probably some extra stuff for the species already shown!
Also hair. I'm gonna add actual hair to this one day, because that's something these guys are supposed to have, but that's the very least of my worries ATM.

-The base is free to use.
-You can make adoptables for free or for cash (provided they’re not over $10 per adopt)
-Heavy editing is allowed (encouraged!! Edit the heck out of this you know you want to)
-Mix and match the species all you like, crossbreeding is a thing!
-The base may be for my species, but your character/adoptable doesn’t have to be part of that species. You can use this base to make up your own species!
-Basically just enjoy using the base and make cool stuff
-Credit me. That’s basically the only thing I’ll get annoyed w/ is if you don’t credit. I spent well over 20 hours on this and I need you to link back if you post anything from it.

(Note; I used 22-29 px hard brushes w/ anti-analysing + pressure for the lines)

Happy Birthday, make a wish! by AdelieQueen
Happy Birthday, make a wish!

Poor Eish … she’s not used to her daughter’s erratic behaviour yet. One day, but not yet.

curriculax made an amazing joke and I /had/ to draw it with Setani!

Characters from left to right: Geoff, Setani'Selina, Razor (Robert/Bobbie), Ashley/Eish, and Mr&Mrs Baker (Setani’s foster parents)


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